Index Viewer for Blender 3.0+ (Geometry Nodes Fields)

Mohammed Riaz
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This Node Group lets you view the indices of the vertices, edges and polygons of a mesh. This Node Group only works with Blender 3.0 Beta and above as it uses the new fields system and it is also outputting attributes to shaders. Please watch the video in the second slide which shows some of its features and how to set it up.


  1. Go to File>Append...

  2. Navigate to the .blend file.

  3. Go to Index Viewer Fields II.blend\NodeTree

  4. Select "Index Viewer Fields II [Append This]" and click Append.

  5. Add the Node Group to your NodeTree.

  6. [Only for Shader Viewer] Connect the "Data" output from the Node Group to the Group Output. Go in the modifier properties, select the Geometry Nodes modifier and inside Output Attributes, type in "Data".


Camera / Rotation: Uses the camera when unchecked. Uses the Rotation when checked. Would not recommend using camera mode if you have too many vertices.

Camera: Makes all the indices face the camera. Only works when Camera / Rotation is unchecked.

Rotation: This lets you input a custom rotation for the indices. Only works when Camera / Rotation is checked.

Vertices / Edges / Polygons: Shows indices of vertices, edges and polygons when it is set to 0, 1 and 2 respectively.

Scale: Scale of the indices.

Offset: Moves the indices along the normals of the mesh.

Show Mesh: This shows the original mesh.

Matcap: Adds a matcap to the original mesh which makes the indices easier to see. Also makes the performance better in case the original mesh had a heavy material.

Wire: Adds a wireframe to the mesh.

Show in Viewport: Shows the indices, matcap and the wire in the viewport.

Show in Render: Shows the indices and matcap in the Render. When this is unchecked, it does not show it in the render, even if it is visible in the viewport.

Index: This lets you see custom indices using the viewer. Shows the default indices when nothing is plugged into it.


Index Viewer Fields II Material:

Index Color: The color of the indices.

Data: Takes in data from Geometry Nodes.

Transparent Background: This makes the background of the indices transparent.

Background Color: The color of the background of the indices.

Randomize Index Color: Gives each index a random color.

Randomize Background Color: Gives each background a random color.

Random Color Seed: Changes the random colors.

MatCap Material II:

Matcap Color: The color of the matcap.

Shading: Controls the amount of shading.

Transparency: Controls how transparent the mesh is.



  • Added a Mesh Viewer.

  • The Viewers can now display negative integers.

  • Minor Bug fixes.


The Mesh Viewer works in every view but the Shader Viewer only works in Material Preview and Rendered view. Both viewers have a limit of 8 digits. This Node Group does not require any external data as they are already packed into the blend file. However, I have still decided to include them in case you face issues with the textures not being found. You just need to download the .blend file and everything should work fine!!

Please let me know what you think of this and I hope you enjoy using it!! Have a great day ahead!!! :)

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A .blend file that includes the Node Group.


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Index Viewer for Blender 3.0+ (Geometry Nodes Fields)

78 ratings
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